2 November 2011

1750pts SM gated libby list vs BA

Seize ground, table quarters - 3 objectives.

My SM list can be seen here. with the exception of replacing the attack bike with some bling which i cant recall now.

Paul's list was here.

The battfield - Paul setup for once - usually I do it cuz I don't trust the other two to make a balanced/realistic/not crazy table - this time I asked him to keep it moderate (what I mean is like Ilya who will put a bunker in the very corner on each side, barricade each one off with terrain and leave everything else open -facepalm- )
We put down the objectives and the strategic thinking with this is tied in with the next thing. I won the roll of and decided to go first. I could do two things put the objectives on the side with most dense terrain and force him to deploy there - meaning I could drive onto his objectives while he would have trouble deepstriking his reserves - a risky tactic. Or I could also put the objectives in the same place and castle up. I went for the safer option... Deciding to make use of the scouts' outflank rule for once.

Castling up - land raider to clear out stuff that deepstrikes too close and defend/hold the tac squad later in game. Predator to head for a hill and shoot over the battlefield. Everything else is pretty much obvious.

Paul's deployment is as sparse as usual - note the baal counts as a vindicator

scouts infiltrate

his scouts also infiltrate

He seizes the initiative drops down and does some minor damage to the redeemer

not much else happens but meph jetbikes his way to the bastion and the scouts climb up to claim the objective too, my razorback is immobilised

My turn and everything unclusters threatening both flanks, both libbyes gate away, I do minor damage on all fronts and kill a few scouts

More detail now - multi-melta off the redeemer and a missile shot knock off the melta gun of the furiosio and shake it
My dreadnought dropped down and flamed four scouts
Turn 2
Meph does another leap and destroys the vindicator
Dreadnought explodes the land raider in CC!!!! I completely underestimated his strenght considering how most other things just bounce off it...

Overhead shot of the battlefield during paul's turn 3 not much really happens - termies arrive
I Moved into combat with his lr and do a bit of damage at some point 

Mephiston takes some wounds from plasma and perils of the warp

Dread kills scouts and the vindi which was immobilised by the speeder last turn

In combat with raider it is immobilised and shaken, I also mishapped gating my termies back and they got destroyed
Turn 3
Razorback is destroyed forcing guys to get out and my tac squad got eaten - hoping to run to middle objective with the combat squad
Sanguard and dante touch down and kill a few scouts with shooting

My turn and probably the cleverest thing I did all game - leave libby fighting the tank with might while sternguard charge in - I lose a sternguard but kill two sanguard with power fist attacks as Paul gets unlucky

Retreat to the objective! - unfortunately this was cut short by a jetbike named mephiston who slaughtered most of them + the dreadnought next turn...

More minor damage to the land raider

Predator swivelled round ot shoot termies
or maybe it was meph...
Turn 5
Termies survive fire and advance on Venator Vitiosus

Dread is plodding along....

Remember this ?

Ta-da - dead predator... :(

Sanguard finish off the sternguard... and menace the scouts

battlefield looking grim - my dread is immobilised and I only have 2 men remaining in the combat squad

the librarian in an desperate final attempt attacks the sanguard and kills two making them no longer a scoring unit... but takes a wound in the process

Overhead shot of turn 5 where we called it a draw after a well contested match - neither of us had troops left so it would be kind of pointless continuing...

Things to take away:

- definitely need more troops
- not to use gate so rashly
- think more about placing the land raider and deployment
- have a second plan if initiative gets stolen
- 5 man scouts are a meh unit as are 5 man marine squads with nothing
- This army can kill MEPHISTON !!!
- I need more anti-tank
- I like land speeders
- Predators don't cut it

See you next time, I'm trying to spread posts now until december so there will be another batrep this month and maybe one more post - next batrep is Salamanders vs Blood Angels

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