17 November 2011

1500 pts Salamanders vs Blood Angels

Kill points, dawn of war... I helped Ilya make an army list for this and both he and Paul borrowed a few things from my Ultras in order to create their armies.

Salamanders, this was a new take on trying to tackle Paul's Blood Angels:

Captain power sword, storm bolter

Dreadnought missile launcher, twin lascannon
Dreadnought (assault cannon, storm bolter i think) in drop pod
5x Terminators with cyclone missile launcher

5 man Scout squad 4x sniper 1 ml in twin las razorback
10 man tactical squad with multi-melta, meltagun (and maybe powerfist was in this one rather than one below) in rhino with dozer blade
10 man tactical squad with plasma gun, plasma cannon (i think) and powerfist (see above) in drop pod

Land speeder with heavy bolter and typhoon missiles
Land speeder with multi-melta and typhoon missiles

Blood Angels - pretty standard Paul list:


Furiosio dread in drop pod

Scouts with 4x sniper, 1x ml
10man Tactical Squad (!!!) with lascannon and meltagun and hb razorback

Land speeder with multi-melta


So two armies which are both slightly different to what each player is used to playing and playing against, should be interesting...

Deployment - Paul deployed first... upon my suggestion Ilya semi-castled slightly to one flank, aim was to make the scouts sit uselessly on one side of the field and then get a dread to mop them up in the late game...

note the "camouflaged" combat squadded tacticals in the bastion

Turn 1for BA? I think... not much happened as you can see...

(Killa Kan = stand in for Paul's landspeeder which snapped at the base at some point...)

This game was such a long time ago now, so I'll just let the pics tell the story for the rest and add the occassional comment.

Death to the termies...

Flying termies can fly!

Captain makes a mess of things...

Game ended in a draw of 7-7 or something like that or actually maybe Paul won by 1 or maybe 2 pts. In any case it was a very close game and it seemed like Ilya was winning throughout.

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