19 December 2011

Ig Veterans + Interchangeable heavy weapons

I'M ALIVE!!! Been very busy lately, was even planning to go to a tourny but that won't work out anymore. Anyway, should be a lot of stuff happening here over the next few weeks. To start off I've converted up some veterans and made some interchangeable heavy weapons. Old camera so pics unfortunately are awful... I'll get better ones after this stuff is painted.

I'm completing a 1750pt army which can actually be seen here, which would have been my tournament army. Hopefully there will lots of battle reports posted up here soon and I'm looking forward to at least one apocalypse match.

Anyway see ya next time. Oh yeah, also I'm not sure whether the hw guns look better with the defence shield thing or whether they're fine without...


  1. Nice to see you back, the models look great buddy, I don't think you need the shields on them all, they look great as they are

  2. Thanks, I just cba to magnetise them but having them loose is just going to result in annoyance throughout games



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