20 December 2011

Ultramarines: Movie REVIEW

So I picked it up, not because everyone else had great comments about it and I was expecting something amazing - but because I wanted to see what they could come up with.

I'll start with the story. It was not bad, if a little dull. I disagree that the Space Marines say "And they shall know no fear" TOO many times, but it was borderline on that. The graphics were basically crap - something you'd see on Cod 6/7 , rather than a movie. Too many ash-waste colours throughout as well and definitely too much time walking through desert.

The parts with action were generally unimaginative, mostly with chaos space marines charging at the ultramarines who stood and shot them... Towards the end, the daemon was animated in a very strange way imo, but I guess my idea of daemons and how they move is different to the guys who made the movie. However I completely disagree in making the daemon prince connected to Balrog, with the pillars, falling from height while locked in combat with the captain, etc...

Now for the inconsitencies:

1. WHY WOULD A SQUAD OF TEN NEWLY RECRUITED MARINES HAVE A MASSIVE BATTLE BARGE ALL TO THEMSELVES????!?!?!?!?!?! Isn't the Imperium supposed to not have enough of everything to combat threats as it is?

2. I do not believe that a captain would ever train or accompany a squad of new recruits, let alone know them all by name, etc... the list goes on

3. How does Captain Severus survive the fall from a massive height AND ALSO handle a huge daemon prince all on his own? I mean come on! He's not Gandalf!

So overall not a great movie that doesn't even interest gamers who know about the background... maybe a 3/5 if you're generous, certainly not something you'd go to see in the cinema...


  1. Hi,

    in regards to 1. and 2.: the special collectors edition included a short graphic novel. It shows ab bit storyline before the start of the movie. There it is shown, that the whole company is fighting Tyranids on a hive world. After receiving a distress call, only the Captain and the squad went to the planet to investigate. The overall rest of the company stays behind, continuig the battle. BUT fluff-wise it is said, that a battle barge is considered for up to four whole companys. So just a strike cruiser would have been more fitting :)

  2. I see that you know a little more about the background than I do :)

  3. Not that it is much or was worth the extra money for the special collectors edition ;)


  4. I completely agree with what you said



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