15 October 2011

1750 pts Sm list

Hey guys, just wanted to ask what you think of this list I came up with. I will probably be trying it out sometime in the near future and also just to let you know it is using models I have got - but I would still love to hear any suggestions. Oh yes and bear in mind that I play against only Blood Angels, Salamanders (standard sm), Orks and eldar.

Space Marines 1750pts:

Librarian (gate and might, melta bombs) 105pts
Libby in termy armour (gate and null zone/machine curse) and storm bolter 130 pts

Termies x5 (assault cannon, 2x chainfist) 240 pts
Sternguard x5 combi-melta and power fist 155 pts
Dreadnought, assault cannon, heavy flamer, drop pod 160 pts

Tactical squad ml and plasma gun
Combat Squad in twin las razorback
Scout squad x5 with ml

Land speeder typhoon with multi-melta 110pts
(just to use up pts) Attack bike with hb 40 pts

Land Raider Redeemer with multi-melta 260pts
Predator autocannon and las sponson 120pts

Ok so the list is based around turn 1 threats... I didnt quite manage to fit in everything I wanted and I was actually originally aiming for 1500 pts but then saw that things I wanted would have to be squeezed out. So the plan is my turn 1 to gate in libbies one with the termies and the other with sternguard and cause some immediate damage. Dreanought drop pod goes in to support them turn 1 too. The rest of my army (bar the tactical squad) should be fast/mobile enough to follow up the primary attack. Then either the game would end quickly in my favour or I would end up being slowly ground to bits... I mainly thought about playing salamanders or Ilya's eldar when making this and I do think it would work against them as Ilya's armies tend to be slow to be brought to bear and usually rely on termies coming in late game and mopping up... so if I could deal a decisive blow at the start I would then be able to use mobility to reset and ready up for his terminators and then deal with them with my whole army.

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