26 October 2011

2 tactical squads at the ready and new 2000pt list

Just dug up an old tactical squad to bulk out my two combat squads I already had and make them legal to play. So using some spare bits and existing models I managed to come up with the following setups (excuse the models as they are in various stages of painting but none are finished - all will be painted up to the standard of my other tactical squad):

Multi-melta, meltagun, combi-melta, powerfist (to ride in drop pod)

Flamer, (missile launcher which will be replaced by lascannon from my devastator squad), plasma pistol, melta bombs (to ride in lascannon razorback)
Which leaves me afterwards with the following list at 2000 pts making use of what I've learned over my 40k battles in the past with my existing models and my newly discovered gated libbying:

Librarian with meltabombs (gate and null zone)

5x Terminators with assault cannon, 2x chainfist and land raider redeemer with multi-melta and extra armour
Sternguard with power fist and combi-melta
Dreadnought with assault cannon and heavy flamer

Tactical Squad with flamer, lascannon, plasma pistol, meltabombs, and lascannon razorback with extra-armour
Tactical Squad with meltagun, multi-melta, combi-melta, powerfist, drop pod
Tactical Squad with missile launcher, plasma gun and meltabombs

Land Speeder typhoon with multi-melta

Devastator Squad with 2x missile launcher, plasma cannon, heavy bolter (not ideal but it's what I have)
Vindicator with seige shield

Total : 2000 pts exact

Note on the las-flamer tactical squad - this will combat squad leaving the lascannon part to objective sit possibly with the support of the razorback letting the flamer half foot slog - or alternatively the razorback will drive the flamer half - depending on the situation.

If you feel like commenting any feedback would be greatly appreciated - as I can still change most of this list if something is horribly wrong. Also two batreps are in the works and I have done some work on my vehicles since the batreps - basically the next post won't be in any kind of order...


  1. I have a few opinions for you:

    Give the Sternguard unit the drop pod if you insist on taking them as a suicide unit.

    Devastators are horrible and are eating into what you need which is protection for that third tactical squad.

    Find the points and give the three tacs transports.

    The Drop Pod although I said to give to the Sternguard unit is not the only thing you could use it for. You could give it to the Dread.

    If you do this you can work out what you want to do with the Sternguard unit, either drop them or protect them. Running them with a rhino could work.

    Land Speeder is nice but I would have three personally and fit flamers or replace it with a Attack Bike.

    Vindicators are one of my favourite units but they are hard to use, especially on there own. Another thing that will pretty much be suicidal.

    Have at least two and run them with your Land Raider up the field and destroy stuff.

    I think the librarians melta bombs are wasted as you have more than enough anti tank.

    I know I just pretty much suggested to change everything but that's what I would do.

    My main problem is the Devastators tbh, they are a waste of points. Those points could be easily better spent.

  2. Though please take these as mere suggestions and play test what you have written as I have little experience in the game and I'm just giving what I know of.

  3. Some good advice which is greatly appreciated but let me give you my answer to some of these:

    The nice thing about taking sternguard and putting them with a gated libby is that you get them as a long distance line holding unit (kraken bolts 30") and then you can teleport in towards tanks and start busting them - also my two opponents were both quite worried about them and tried to get out of their way so they are a good "scaring" unit

    Yes my devastator choice is not great and but I will try it out to see what it does - and what it does is contrary to what you may think - it's the main anti-infantry unit of the army

    The problem with that is that I don't have 3 transports but yes I know - and also that may put me onto the road of making spammy lists

    Yes, the dread is a good choice to put in a drop pod - I have tried putting him in but one dread in a drop pod gets isolated too easily and destroyed if not turn 1 then turn 2 and does not really slow down the enemy army

    I have tried running them in a rhino - I only have one rhino/razorback so prefer to use it where it's needed most - tactical squads. Dropping the sternguard would probably be a good idea but if I do then I can't do the gated libby thing - which I quite like now that I've tried it in two games

    Land speeder - I like it's ability to support areas of my line and how it doubles as an anti-tank and anti-infantry - how would you configure the attack bike, the problem is I would probably need to run more than one as one just gets killed without having much impact on the game - but then I am probably doing something wrong

    I think I have found a way to use a single vindicator - you'll see in the batreps - and also I only have one at the moment

    Yeah that would be ideal

    Meltabombs are actually there to point fill - when I made this list I had 40 pts extra - so filled it with 2 extra armours and 2 melta bombs - which could easily turn into an attack bike or extra transport. The reason for so much anti-tank is because I never seem to have enough - thus why I made such a melta heavy tactical squad

    It's ok - it's great that you're suggesting stuff as it makes me think about how the stuff you suggested performs on the field and what I can do in my list to work similarly

    Yes I will see about the devastators

  4. I completely understand and look forward to reading how you do.

  5. Thanks - btw how would you equip an attack bike and the devs?

  6. I think the army list is good except I would:

    Change the land speeder for 2 attack bikes (separate squads(one with multi-melta and one with heavy bolter).

    Put a cyclone missile launcher on the termies instead of the assault cannon and 2 melta bombs.

    Put Might of the Ancients instead of Null Zone.

  7. DaWarboss has a good point but I wouldn't replace Null Zone to be honest. Very valuable ability. He has a good point about the Cyclone Missiles, fantastic weapon.

  8. All good pts. Null zone is staying unless I manage to do a bit of fiddling with pts and get a second Libby who will then have gate and might.



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