27 October 2011

1750 pts SM dual gated libby list vs Ilya's Eldar

Seize ground, dawn of war. I was running my 1750 pt list seen here. Not sure what Ilya was running - but his usual (is whole army) plus some tau tanks (mine) which were standing in as falcons. Note: this is the old camera - so pics aren't as good as the some of the other batreps.

Spesh Mahweens 

The table, I won the roll of to go first and place objectives and took it. 

Deployment. Scout squad and a combat squaded tactical squad. He deployed a squad of dire avengers and farseer (eldrad) on the left flank (as seen from the pic) and a squad of dire avengers in the bastion on the right flank.

He fails to seize the initiative and the dreadnought drop pod comes down and either grills/or shoots some eldar who promptly start running away even though they are with eldrad
Everything moves up. I try to spread my anti-tank as his falcons are deep-striking - so a lacannon on each hill template weapons either side of center and land speeder centre. Gated termies and sternguard take the opportunity to teleport upfield. Some pot shots taken but darkness eats most of them...

Eldar turn and they rally. Eldar stuff comes on apart from 3 falcons.

Stand in fire dragons come in and disintegrate the dreadnought - sorry for the dark pic

End of turn 1 0 libby's sternguard almost all pulverised by a second squad of eldar fire dragons and the war-walker

Turn 2
Libby and sergeant take down the fire dragons. Assorted anti-tank lightly damages teh war-walker
Attack bike kills the weapons platform.

Termies advance onwards, confirming that the objective is clear for troops to secure later. Vindicator kills a few fire dragons.

Stupidly the plasma gun combat squad decide to make a "tactical retreat" and claim the objective.

End of SM turn 2 beginning of Eldar turn - the battlefield looks secure - the first falcon deepstrikes in far into the space marine territory.

Dire avengerswent to ground last turn.

Warlock gets out and cast a few powers - as did eldrad over the last few turns 
Turn 3
Libby casts might and takes down the war-walker - but suffers a wound for rolling a double 1
Predator takes down some dark reapers who last turn destroyed most of the foolish combat squad

Termies continue their ponderous advance
Eldar turn 3
Vindicator suffers an immobilised result - another two falcons land
Second libby is hurt - razorback is destroyed, the demolisher cannon is shot off the vindicator and the striking scorpions kill a guy from the combat squad
Turn 4
Run away with the combat squad. Land speeder deals with the closest falcon and termies deal with the scorpions. Libby leaves the squad to sort out the remaining fire dragons
Land raider grills the dire avengers. attack bike repositions to take annoy the falcon which destroyed the predator last turn

A small squad of eldar manage to sneak into assault with the combat squad who lose one man and then kill a few eldar
Turn 5
Libby having finished off the fire dragons returns to help

People reposition after assault to hold and defend objective

Libby has managed after 2 turns of teleporting to get to the other side of the field -(with the plasma gunner who is the only survivor of the combat squad that got shot by the dark reapers).

Attack bike contest while land raider does some minor damage - biker suffered a wound last turn.

Eldar disembark

Tank shock by falcon fails

dire avengers got out to try to hold the objective

dire avengers on the other side of the field assault the other half of the tactical squad who had been sitting in a building holding an objective

warlock attacks the land speeder but fails
Turn 6
Sm fight back - minor casaulties on both sides.

Termies and libby gang up on a final squad of eldar

Libby immobilises the falcon which has already soaked up a ton of missiles

Combat in the centre of the left flank

Termies win and eldrad flees having suffered two wounds.

Termies give chase

Something else happens to tank

Not much happens in eldar turn.
game ends here. The objectives:
SM held

Contested/Not held by either side

Not held by either side


SM held

Result... 2-0 win for the space marines after a bloody and hard fought battle.

Things to take away from this for me: 

- gated libbying definitely works and works well
- Might need more anti-tank
- not to do stupid things like instead of attacking with plasma leaving my guys stranded in the open and shot down next turn
- Land raider should have someone in it probably
- Might be a little low on troops choices

For Ilya:

- Falcons and fire dragons really help

It was a much closer game than the score suggests and is definitely the toughest match I have ever played against eldar. Next battle against Blood angels with almost the same army.

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