27 October 2011

SM vehicles Freehand and Naming

A bit of tank freehand painting has been done on the one's that I'm likely to use more often (note my rhino/razorback was already named Zacharia). I've decided to go for a mix of latin and english namesso here they are - some of these still need to have their painting finished though so bear with me

Meet Icefire my land raider redeemer - just some flames on the side

and a nameplate at the front

For the colours I used a mix of ultramarine blue and skull white that looks a lot like space wolves grey, highlighted with skull white and shadows with adeptus battlegrey

Plan B - I was thinking about a more original name (I've seen a massive yacht sometime ago named Plan B :/) but the name just stuck so much and I could not think of something with as good a ring to it so it stuck

Then a Latin name "Venator Vitiosus" = vicious hunter, which imo sounds quite fitting especially because of what it was doing last match - basically sniping tanks across the map

Still to come: another batrep as promised BA vs my 1750 pt Sm (already been played just need to finish the write-up)

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