21 June 2010

Terrain:Ork Boyz hut-Part2

I added some finishing touches, such as the windows made from spare sprue parts and an extra wall using a spare reinforced ram. I then used some green to make sure it was firmly in place and to make the gaps less obvious.

As a basecoat, I completely covered the building with merchrite red, and then washed it with devlan mud. After this had dried, I confidently based it with modelling sand, as I was sure the colour would not be spoiled. Next, I added in the silver window panes, Waaagh signs, and drybrushed pretty much the whole thing with boltgun metal.


  1. This is a great start to an awesome set of homemade terrain!

    A couple pointers to make it easier next time;

    Foam core is difficult to glue together. I use pins to reinforce the joins. Get yourself a box of pins next time and use you glue the walls to each other, push pins in as well. Makes it much easier!

    Second, why paper mache? Get yourself a bucket of wood filler and use that as plaster. It makes the walls look like real cement that way. Leave those newspapers in the recycling bin!

  2. Yeah I know about both of those things now and actually have a post about a river terrain piece using stuff I learned since the time when I did this. Thanks for the advice and the kind words. :)



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