4 June 2010

Terrain:Ork Boyz hut-Part1

Deciding that Paul's Ork army needed some terrain, and because we wanted something orky, we decided to scratch build a boys hut. This is what we used:
1. Some foamboard (bought from rymans)
2. Some PVA glue
3. Some water
4. Some old newspaper
5. Tape (Scotch will do)

I started off by marking out wall and floor dimensions on the foamboard, and then cut it out (not very neatly-BUT to my surprise this did not show when I finished the paper mache)

Next I completed the painful process of gluing the construction together. This left something that looked like a piece of junk!

The next stage was to create a special paper mache. I found this technique on ColCorbane's Corbania Prime. It is a one part PVA glue and two part water mix, that formed a milky kind of solution. This would make the paint set better as I had used Scotch to stick the huts parts together and also to fill any gaps.

For reference: Dimensions: 6" long, 5" wide and 3" tall.

Stay tuned for part 2: painting (follow link)

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  1. Really useful tutorial,
    I tried it and it works really well.



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