9 July 2011

1500pts Blood Angels Army List 09/07

Hi guys, Paul here, DaWarboss is in town!

This is my 1500pt Blood Angels army that I'm going to be using today and over the next week.I like to play with small, elite armies like this one, EVEN WITH ORKS.

Mephiston 250pts
Death Company Tycho 175pts

Death Company 185pts Thunder hammer, infernus pistol, power weapon, power fist
Scout squad 75pts Bolt pistols, chainswords
Death Company Dreadnought 140pts Magna grapple
Razorback 70pts Storm bolter, dozer blade

Heavy Support
Stormraven 255pts Typhoon missile launcher, plasma cannons, hurricane bolters
Devastators 150pts Heavy Bolter, missile launcher, plasma cannon, lascannon

Terminators 200pts storm bolters, power fists


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