9 July 2011

Valkyrie(s) PIP

Valkyrie I

I have started painting the valkyrie and also finished the second one although I still need to get that heavy weapons team... I did some freehand and it actually turned out rather nicely, however neither will be ready for tomorrow's match. Ah well, nothing ever seems to go exactly as planned.

I really like how this base came out
So I'll leave you with a few pics and a list whats done. Done: base, cockpit, top of wings. Still to do the rest of it including all the weapons AND the inside and all the outside I haven't done, as well as the second one...

dont know if you can see the targetting stuff painted...

the 2nd one
As always click for larger pictures. I'll making a little tutorial on how to make a paratrooper hanging off the side...

Now to ask silar if two valkyries counts as a 'Squad'...

Oh and about that giveaway... Suspense hehe... It shall be a master of the ordnance and either a drop pod or an SM captain (probably - no guarantees though)

Also, by popular demand I will paint the scratchbuilt generator terrain I made a while ago.



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