26 July 2011

Fallen Princes SQUAD Painting Competition!

Everything that was going to be painted has been painted and the voting is up. So head over to John's blog (AND VOTE FOR ME ;) ). Follow the linky here, there are some great paintjobs up and I know who I'm voting for...

Look for more pics on this blog...
same here :)


  1. Got to say there is some great entries. From magnetising scouts to fully converted sanguard termies, let alone all the amazing paint jobs. I'm rather proud to be hosting this comp.

  2. I just voted for you mate, good luck

  3. what you mean? Ya need the link? http://40kbattlereports.blogspot.com/2011/06/finished-space-hulk-termies.html
    and the sternguard are on the main page in their own post... You just click on the picture to make it bigger and then again to make it EVEN bigger...

  4. I did need the link. The pics in this post aren't any bigger. Thanks!

  5. :) Yh these ones are just taken from the competition page and put into the post

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