18 July 2011

2 batreps 1500pts IG vs Salamanders

Imperial Guard Army list can be found here. Salamanders was landraider, 2x scouts, tactical squad in drop pod, thunderfire in drop pod, dreadnought with twin las and flamer, landraider crusader, captain and 2x termies.

Battle 1: War of Attrition:

Battle Missions book again we roll for the mission and get War of attrition. He deploys first  in a bolstered ruin with some scouts with camo cloaks (I allow him to come in with drop pod on his first turn - not sure how it works in this mission if you have troops that are in drop pods...). I deploy everyone cos of the mission.

I get first turn advance and shoot. Destroying his scout squad. Since that is his whole army on the field and we don't find any rules about this we decide it's an IG win and decide to play another battle - if anyone knows something about this please tell me.

End of game 1 which took about 3 mins to play...
750 pts IG - 0 pts Salamanders... I'm pretty sure this is impossible and there is a rule that we missed...

 Battle 2 - Prepared Assault:

Same armies, same battlefield. This is my favourite IG mission in the book... :)

I'm not too happy about setting everything up and because of his last minute land raider repositioning, he ruins my amazing plan to refuse flank and drop an objective in the open. I decide to run a blob of 20 and a distraction unit of 10 with only a heavy weapons team.

He surprises me by getting first turn and destroying a hellhound the vendetta and blowing off some guns off the vanquisher.

End of turn 1 - oh and he also kills some blobbers...

I run over his captain and ram the landraider shaking it...

My platoon caommand squad and blob mass fire to deal with the terminators and then my PCs assault and wipe them.

valk moves up to my objective that I place along the road in the open and I manage to blow up his drop pod on the central objective.

Then I pummel the guys who disembark with tank and guardsman alike.

eradicator nova kills ome scouts.

multimelta downs the valkyrie - both my skimmers underperformed this time... The veterans disembark

scouts snipe some guardsmen

end of that turn

movement in my turn

advance with the vanquisher, chargining in with some dudes. Do damage to landraider with melta

Objective taken sir! Enemy target destroyed!

Psyker hurt himself in the warp last turn and cast nightshroud.

End of turn.

Dead guardsmen shall be avenged by the COMMISSAR

Psyker kills himself

Veterans fanned out.

blocking and shooting stray rounds into the termies.

TANK SHOCK!! I lose a guy

we play on for a few turns but the game is a draw again.

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