8 July 2011

Magnetised Valkyrie/Vendetta 1 + some tips and tutorials

I have been busy researching and building the first of my valkyries. Pretty much everything has been magnetised and I'm just back from spraying it. Now today I have to build the vendetta and hopefully get some paint on at least one of these.

The finished thing

Now what I learned from the links below... Col. Corbane's tutorial is very good, with only the cockpit not covered in the tutorial. Also the nose mounted weapons can be magnetised in an easier way from one of the lower tutorials (I used the spare light set thing and mounted magnets on that which I stuck on the reverse side of the weapons thing - if that makes sense...).

Magnetised Roof
An important thing to say is that my magnets were much bigger than those used in the tutorials below (5 millimetre diameter instead of 2). This made it harder but not impossible to magnetise the weapons, unfortunately it meant that I couldn't do the wings :(. If you use larger magnets like me, I found that sometimes it is easier to just cut out the rough shape of the magnet with a hobby knife(ie on the underwing weapon mounts) rather than drilling holes.

Magnetised hbs
All in all it was fun to magnetise, and now I'm off to get a heavy weapons team - probably the last thing I'll ever buy from gw - cos I need 3 more lascannons (I found a twin linked one in my predator).

With all the weapon options...
Till the next post! (Paul may also be posting his storm raven sometime!)

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