5 July 2011

Imperial Guard Army List 1500pts

Edited 9/07/11 because of missed calculations
See link at the bottom... :D

So, I'm on holiday now and will leave the space hulk termies as they are for the comp. On the bright side this means that there will be some real content coming up on this blog - battle reports. I will probably play Paul this week and should have a game against Ilya this weekend. Now onto what this post is really about.

I have put together an army list, please note this is using stuff I have and mostly have built. I have actually constructed everything in this list apart from one meltagunner and the two valks. I still need to paint pretty much all of it though apart from the hellhound and three russes. (the infantry are mostly basecoated however). Note hb means heavy bolter. Also I plan to magnetise the valk and vendetta - they will probably both run as valks with hellstrike missiles in the next few games.

Lord Commissar 80pts  power sword
Primaris Psyker 70pts
Veteran Squad 130pts  plasma gun, flamer, nade launcher, power sword,  demolitions
Platoon Command Squad 115pts  2 melta guns, standard, plasma pistol, power sword and medi-pack
Infantry Squad 1 120pts   flamer, commissar power sword, heavy weapons team with ml
Infantry Squad 2 70 pts nade launcher heavy weapons team with ml
Infantry Squad 3 65pts    nade launcher, heavy weapons team with ml
Hellhound 130   hb
Valkyrie 110  hellstrike missiles, multi-laser, heavy bolters
Vendetta 130  triple lascannon
Leman Russ Executioner 230  hb and plasma cannons
Leman Russ Eradicator Nova 160  heavy bolter
Leman Russ Vanquisher 170  lascannon
Total 1500 pts
Tactics: Lord Com joins with platoon command(ride in vendetta_ or pos infantry squad. Infantry squads blob up to protect tanks/counter charge. Russes take out massed infantry with hellhound. Banquisher and flyers take out enemy armour (helped by blobbed infantry and other stuff). Vet squad rides in valkyrie taking out assorted targets. Psyker runs as a distraction/joins infantry squads in the rare that they are not blobbed up or just joins the blob.

Also I found a very good website and someone called Ailaros while surfing the interwebz, go check him out. the picture up top is credited to him!

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