11 July 2011

How to make a paratrooper for a valk/vendetta

So as promised a quick tutorial. What you need for this is a metal coat hanger (although metal piping or rod will do too), glue (I used the gw superglue), a saw/good knife and a guardsman (or if you have a valkyrie/vendetta one of the gunners is perfect).

So now onto how I did it.

You take your coat hanger and cut it to a rough size that you want. The you use this tool (not sure what it is refer to pics) in order to bend it (but I used my hands for most of it and then found that it made a better curve using the tool top picture red one) and make it more rope like. Since it's a metal coat hanger it should be magnetic (mine was) and since you magnetised your heavy bolters in side right? it should just pop on.

Now for the trooper. You take a normal gunner and can even assemble him in the right way just like shown to make him (take care to put his arms in a correct position how you want them, just check it by propping the guy into position on your newly made rope). Now since he's jumping out he should be well prepared so if you have a command squad you can take this opportunity to deck him out with bits. Then there is a very nice piece on the command squad sprues that's like a comm-link or respirator maybe (check photos) which serves as a very nice kind of guide rope, look at the pick of my mini if you don't get it.

And that's it!

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