26 April 2011

Vote - What don't YOU like?

Since my blog has been running for a while now, I think it's time to evaluate what I'm doing well. Please vote on the poll (top left). I want to know what aspects you don't like - if not listed pls comment. If you do like everything please still do vote on the appropriate option ('I like everything').

Thanks and till the next post.


  1. I suppose the only thing I can see needing improvement if you are asking for criticism is the picture quality.

    The battle reports have a good feel and it's great to see you putting them up but I would suggest some better lighting, a tripod and if you can spring for it, maybe even a better camera with some more options (So you can play with the exposure time etc..).

    Otherwise keep up the good work.

  2. First of thanks. The lighting in the room I usually play in isn't very good and I do have my better camera - see battlewagon posts, but I usually forget to bring it and am forced to use my old smaller camera.

    Thanks for your support

  3. Hey, DimmyK, Jaybie from My Brother, My Enemy, and I gotta say, sweet blog! Just one thing to change: More batreps. I love 'em!

  4. Thanks, glad to hear your support! :D



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