6 April 2011

Leman Russ - Variant? Whichever you want...

 Hi again,

I've finished working on another Leman Russ. I have done something similar to my rhino/razorback in the fact that all the options in the box can be put on it and without magnets - if anyone wants to know the exact way to do this just leave a comment and I may even post up a tutorial as I am making another one.

Here it is shown with the Vanquisher variant, lascannon and multi-meltas...

Enjoy :D

Oh and btw Paul is working on his Storm Raven, so watch for an update and there's also that apocalypse battle coming up... And another thing is this which I found when finding out about how to paint the searchlight.


  1. Dudeeee didn't know you had a blog. saw it at the parade ground.

    very nice russ mate! I like the vanquisher cannon a lot.



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