23 April 2011


Okay, I know this happened AGES ago but I finally managed to get it posted up.

Game 1 I was up against Artemy using Ilya's salamanders.

Table quarters : Annihalation

I had a lot of general stuff, both those squads are normal guard - it was friendly so I was allowed to take just 1 troop :D

He had some stuff - mostly not v. good choices in my opinion

He castled up in one corner which was not v. clever of him especially since I promptly seized the initiative

I spread out and got ready to attack.

I did some damage but my tanks got under heavy fire.

Couldnt take down that land speede :(

I'm loving my new tanks, they killed tons of marines - large blast markers ftw.

In the end he won 5-3 because of some unlucky rolls on my part - for example my psyker killed himself in perils of the warp instead of killing his commander and I couldnt kill his land speeder.

Game 2 : Ilya's Eldar

Capture and Control : Table Quarters

I seize the initiative - again!!!

A few blasts and movement and I was controlling the field and contesting his objective

While having my objective in firm control

Ended the game 1-0, Artemy won the tournament having won all his matches

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