4 April 2011

Secret Objectives for Apocalypse

I've been thinking up some secret objectives for an upcoming game of apocalypse, just thought I'd share them here:

Secret Objective - VIP Target 1 pt
There is an important enemy commander on the battlefield, you must eradicate him in order to destroy the opposition’s morale and prevent further resistance…
Kill the enemy commander worth the most points

Secret Objective – Destruction of Enemy Personnel 1 pt
Destroying the enemy’s ability to consolidate ground is more important than capturing objectives, we must crush all forces capable of holding our objectives…
Destroy (or force to flee) all enemy troops choices

Secret Objective – SuperHeavies 1 pt
Powerful enemy forces have been harrying us since the outbreak of war, we must begin destroying their God-Machines and cripple their attacking their attacking power…
Destroy an enemy SuperHeavy

Secret Objective – Control the Field 1 pt
Controlling the battlefield is the way to win battles, your mission is to have unit in each strategic point on the battlefield, with commanding views to allow our forces to rain death on our enemies…
Have a unit in each building on the battlefield

Secret Objective – Maneuverability 1 pt
Maneuverability is the key to war, we must destroy all enemy vehicles and stop them from being able to move onto the next location which will give us time to later encircle and destroy our foes once and for all…
Destroy all enemy vehicles

Secret Objective – Holy Ground 1 pt
Ancient Relics are often found on mighty battlefields, could we be lucky enough to be standing on holy ground? Look around carefully, some of the things we are fighting for may be more important than they seem…
At the end of the game roll a die for each objective your side controls, on a 5 you have found a hidden relic of our peoples and taken it away to safety.

Secret Objective – Newbie 1 pt
A new warrior called ‘Bob’ has joined your forces, it is your duty to ensure he survives his first engagement – good luck…
Nominate one model in a standard troop unit (write it down on paper). He is called ‘Bob’, who has been newly recruited into the army, he must survive this battle.

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