24 April 2011

Taking the tanks for a Stroll...

I can't remember how many points this was, but it was Imperial Guard vs Salamanders. Dawn of war and seize ground.

3 Objectives, he went first or maybe I made him go first I can't remember. I purposefully placed mine in the open as Ilya is always wary of leaving cover (even with marines).

The Setup...

He moved his whole army onto the board on turn one, and I moved most of my army on too, but left some stuff in reserve. In my turn I destroyed his tac squad and did some minor damage to his dreadnought and scouts.

I tried out the Exterminator this time, but I didn't like it that much, autocannons really aren't for me. In my opinion they have too few shots to take out infantry and are too weak to take out tanks above a light transport.

Still I managed to do something.

As always my Executioner shone - lucky it's the only russ that isn't magnetised.

The position on the field around turn 3.

At the end of it he only had one devastator left, which I targetted with my whole army as you can see - yes even those blast markers.

Game ended 2-0 to me with his army completely destroyed.

In another match later on I also proxied a manticore. It is pretty good, but AP4 leaves you wanting sometimes (against marines), and the armour 12, 10, 10 means that a few volleys of firepower and your tank is destroyed or is unable to shoot pretty much every turn of the game. I think I should try it out again, this time bringing it on from reserve, the other problem with it of course being that it can only shoot four times - so you may end up not getting as much as you can out of it or running out of ammo.

Till next time. Oh and by the way I am nearing my 100th post and am thinking about making it something special. ;)

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