14 April 2011

Paul's Blood Angels stomraven WIP 1

SO here is the first of the series of posts. We only painted the interior so far but Paul is making steady progress on it. It was painted pretty simply: Painted boltgun metal, washed badab black, washed ogryn flesh (didnt have any devlan mud for some reason :( ), picked out with boltgun metal to reduce runny wash marks, drybrushed mithril silver.

Panels and shiny screens painted hormagaunt purple, mordian blue, ultramarine blue highlight, then very watery ice blue over the top leaving some darker colour in the middle.

Seats painted scorched brown followed by snakebite leather highlight. A tip I would suggest is not assembling anything before painting the inside as even with these small constructions it was difficult to reach inside.

More posts coming up as promised.

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