20 August 2012

Psychic powers: initial thoughts on divination

Please note: This post was written a while ago (i.e. almost a month ago) before any games of 6th had been played - still while my general opinion may have changed, I still think that telepathy is the best psychic lore, for reasons I may later disclose, although on 3++ they have already done a pretty good review of all the lores now

This may actually end up as a bit of a rant, but you have been warned. What I really don't get is why people all over the Internet say that divination is the best psychic discipline. Ok so your primaris power lets ONE unit re-roll it's to hit rolls... yeah great, because I mean thats so worthwhile to take a psyker such as a space marine librarian for over 100 points just to do that?! Really?

Then we have the powers which are generated randomly. Let's take a look:

Foreboding: while giving you full BS on overwatch is nice, it's very situational and to be honest if thats what you're using psykers for, you're probably wasting your points

Forewarning: this is actually not bad, however in some situations and armies it can be a bit pointless (I.e. where all/most of the army already has the same/better invulnerable save or vehicle heavy armie)- still, this is possibly the best power here

Misfortune: re-rolling successful saves, well that's cool unless you're Eldar and already have pretty much the same power and even if you're not it's rather underwhelming if that's the only effect you're psyker has on the game

Perfect timing: the psyker and unit ignore cover, hmm interesting - great if you're planning to have your  psyker standing near a bunch of plasma guns, not so great if its a ton of lasguns...

Precognition: right so this is where the powers should begin to get tasty, unfortunately for your poor psyker, since he's doing his magic the only time left to re-roll stuff left in the turn is the assault phase, could be useful in sometimes, but pretty bad if like most people you want to keep your precious magician out of assault ...

Scrier's gaze: the final power which should be obviously the most powerful one, ok let's see... You get to re-roll a die when rolling for reserves, outflank and (wait for it ;)) mysterious terrain!!! WOW HOW GAMEBREAKING! Ok seriously reserve delaying/or getting can be very useful but once again you are stuck with a power that is very situational and unless you're in the highly unlikely case that you've based your whole army around this you're stuck with a pretty meh primaris...

In my opinion, while this isn't the worst discipline it isn't one of the better ones (biomancy and telepathy). Some would say that biomancy suffers from having a relatively bad primaris aswell but considering all the other good stuff in the table and that it isn't even that bad a power it is rather potent indeed. And telepathy has an insane primaris which can be used instead of the one or two not so good powers in the table even though all of them seem far better to me than what you have in divination, except maybe terrify and mental fortitude. (Although yes you do need a mastery level 2 psyker to benefit from the last 2 powers)

Anyway, although I'm by no means some amazing player and have not even played a single game of 6th ed yet although I finally have the rule book, lol, these are some of my thoughts.

Disclaimer: Images used without permission, can be removed upon request


  1. Don't forget that all the 'augment' powers (blessings etc) are used at the start of the movement phase...so a few of these would benefit shooting too, not just the assault phase as you stated somewhere.

    1. Well, I didn't just talk about assault but my main point is that it's hard to build an army around anything specific as you can't really plan ahead with your list building because you can never know for sure what you're going to get (unless of course you're rolling more than like 3 or 4 times on a table, but I assume mOst people wouldn't make drastic changes to 5th ed lists in order to include as many psykers as possible especially with the new flyers around)

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