19 August 2012

6th ed. SM digital codex review part 2

Ok, so now for one of two posts which should have been posted ages ago...

I've been reading through my Space Marine codex and thought that I'd discuss some more of the things that I've noticed. First of all, as I said before old mistakes have been corrected, which is great, but there are still plenty of typos (well yeah, not plenty but still quite a few), ok maybe it's nothing major but for such an expensive product which is mostly made up of lifting text from other sources this in my opinion is simply not good enough.

However it's not all negative. There is a significant amount of new artwork in COLOUR and also some older images which used to be black and white have also been given to us in colour. Examples of this are the tech,arise entry and the stormtalon.

We are also given some new space marine colour schemes and given some more information about existing chapters (its not a lot but at least its something that gives them a little character), which is nice especially if GW continue to add to these, one or two examples below.

Also, all the PDF FAQ updated things (and main rulebook) have been added/changed in the digital book (as well as all the hull point values - which I won't post a screenshot of as I'll probably get shot) so you don't need to bring the faq as well when you want to play with your army. If they keep doing this (which we know now they will) as rules get cleared up/changed it will be great

So overall there are some positive impressions from the digital codex and its not as bad as the first version, yet as it always is with GW there are things which could have been done better if more care and thought had been applied. Hmm... seems like it's quite a worthwhile thing to buy now imo.

Photos in this post are a few examples of what I mean, would have put more but I don't want to get in trouble with GW.


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