10 May 2012

Terrain: scrap metal dump (mini-tutorial)

Hi, apologies for the lack of posts but I really have been quite busy although some progress has been made. Basically, some time ago now, I decided it was time to expand on the orky terrain. So, after watching a few miniwargaming tutorials I decided I wanted some crashed asteroids. The basic process is making a sort of paper-mache using toilet paper and some watered down pva (btw I prefer the new bottles of this a LOT to the old ones, but it's still ridiculously expensive). Then because I didn't have any styrofoam at hand I cut down pieces of foamboard, scraping off the hard coating. Basically, I was hoping it would melt down when sprayed and produce a sort of rocky mass.
Here they are in progress
I then took some black primer after about 3 days drying (if you do this I suggest waiting till the paper become "rock hard" and does not retain any more moisture from the pva before spraying) and after the first basecoat it looked like this.

As you can see the foamboard centres did not melt, however they created something that looked a lot like a load of scrap metal, and since it fit with the orky theme I decided to paint accordingly. I was actually a bit worried about the metal plates as some seemed quite fragile when I was painting but I tried to use the paint to stick some together and press the whole thing a little down.

Some drybrushing later and I had this...
To be honest it's not amazing quality terrain but for scratchbuilt it's really not bad - I might make one or two more of these even
Here is a scale guardsman who is in the process of being painted - to be discussed next post hopefully.


  1. That's interesting.. must have taken a lot of time and efforts from you.
    These type of efforts do make a difference when others see what all we can get out of out junk material.
    Amazing .. keep it up

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