17 May 2012

BA + Orks vs Nids and Spesh Mahweens 3000pts

Hi, Da Warboss Gobzmeat here,
This is a bat rep from a while back. Enjoy!

Horde of Orks attack some beasties

Loads of Orks surround a tervagon

Mephiston cuts his way through tens of nids

Mob trying to kill nid beasts

Two lone space marines charge the orks

Sanguinary Guard land behind the enemy lines and tycho takes on a swarm lord

Ymrgl Genestealers come out of their lair

Dnate decides to visit the genestealers with a surprise attack from behind

Amputated lone ork lives to tell the tale... not really :(

Spesh Mawhines hold the objective

Lootas party on the roof

Orks and BA:0
Marines and Nids:2

Overall it was quite a fun match but hopefully next time I'll be on the winning side...

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