14 May 2012

Kasrkin veterans finally getting some paint

Here are just a few wips, hopefully I'll be able to find some time to finish these guys and their squad.

In any case, some progress is better than no progress... Perhaps I'll work on my sentinel which I have lying around to get me motivated. Even though they're not very good in game there's just something cool about star warsesque walkers with big guns.
I tried a bit of plasma energy effect - tbh I quite like the muted look but I may have to bring out some brighter contrast - which will allow me to try out some new paints too so it's win win.
One problem that I've found is that my custom sculpted armour plates (on 2 of the veterans which I converted to have plasmas) are much less defined and so are a lot harder to paint and highlight in a convincing manner compared to the rest of the squad but I'll see what I can do - you can sort of make it out in the first picture.

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