31 May 2012

Orky emplacement wip part 1

So I'm back from the dead and actually I have been working on this little by little for some time now. Originally it was meant to be a waaagh banner but the 2mm thick plasticard I had planned to use for the supports and base is pain to cut, let alone score.

So having acquired some new stuff from eBay this was built (also got a cutting mat among a few things from a nearby arts and crafts store). Just need to add the rest of the rivets (to the sides which don't have them yet - they take aaages to glue on ...) and maybe a few more details and then it's off to painting.

Also my hobbying should hopefully speed up after next week. Oh and another thing - it turns out that there are not one but two gaming clubs very close to where I live in Russia and so hopefully over the summer I'll get the chance to go there and maybe even attend a tournament or two, but who knows

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