29 April 2012

Chiswick gw 500 pt games

So I'm just putting up some batreps which happened  few weeks ago close to the time when my new local GW (chiswick) opened. First match was me vs Paul. Btw this is me trying to use a mix of blogger mobile and the new blogger to post this.

He had Mephiston, some scouts, a razorback and 3 deathcompany with a power weapon.

My imperial forces consisted of a plasma vet squad with carapace armour, a blob with missile launchers and flamers escorted by a Lord commissar and a platoon command squad with 2x nade launcher and a lascannon. Oh and I was giving marbo a try
I won the roll off and chose to go first. Deployment: the blob took up the woods, veterans aggressively positioned in the centre and the pcs held some arcane ruins with marbo in reserve. I was faced with a tactical dilemma. You see we had a game at home before this and because 500pts was played on such a small table mephiston was incredibly fast. Coupled with the fact that my army had very bad armour saves and that the veterans had only 24 inch range guns this meant I could do two things. Hide/hold back the vets thus staying away from mephiston but attracting more attention to my very important command squad or more aggressively, meaning they would be more likely to get in range and closer to some cover in the centre since I would be moving forward - I chose the latter. Paul deployed very aggressively.
better look at the troops
Paul seized the iniative and advanced causing light losses. The guardsmen retaliated sniping off the razorback and failing against meph
Frantic assault in the centre ensued, which the blood angels began getting worse and worse at after the initial charge. Was a draw till second last turn and the one before of the game when the sergeant of the vets killed the whole squad.
Mephiston assaults but over a few turns I manage to put a few lucky wounds on him with the lord commissar and a perils of the warp

My command squad shot at the death company for most of the game basically sniping off one guy a turn after the first turn with their lascannon which was made twin-linked by the officer
Towards the latter turns this was all that remained.
My troops went in for a final push with the score being 3-2 to me - a mistake could be costly at this point and I took off 1 wound from mephiston leaving him on the last turn and fearing the worst as Paul could easily just finish off either marbo or the remains of the veterans... But then Paul rolled for wings of sanguinius and got a double 6 and died giving me the win 4-2.
Next because Paul lost and there weren't many people around playing a game (although there were some SM vs IG on the table next to us) I let Paul verse some guy in the store as unfortunately both of us would not be able to play another game (due to closing time).

Paul used the same list and played against some blood angels with an assault squad, dante and a sanguinary priest all in an interesting colour scheme. 

I forgot to take a picture of the first turn but Paul deployed first and then was seized on. However his oppenent moved sideways to get onto the hill you can sort of see in the picture below. Paul then moved straight into combat with mephiston with the rest of his forces too slow to catch up but unfortunately mephiston rolled lots of 1s and was killed in return.

The rest of the game was Paul's army being torn apart while the assault marines hit and ran in and out of combat with stuff to great effect.

This was Paul's last chance to get something out of this game but all the death company were swept away although Paul did kill 6 of the assault marines that were there at the beginning.

Result 3-0

Overall it was a nice outing and I thought that this gw was a lot friendlier and nicer than my old one (kensington) and while it was smaller I felt that the space was used much more efficiently and the manager for once did not try and force me to buy some stuff... so was good.


  1. "My command squad shot at the death company for most of the game basically sniping off one guy a turn after the first turn with their lascannon which was made twin-linked by the officer"

    How.. You can't make weapons twin-linked against Infantry..

    1. Meh, Soz just shows I was in a rush when typing this - I actually did this during a different match which wont be reported - here I just shot at them and used first rank fire second rank fire on the veterans - sorry about the confusion, it's what happens when to do the write-up three weeks after the actual match

  2. nice report man, also a funny thing .... been following your blog for a while without realising chiswick is your local GW .Its ours too lol u probs dont care but i just thought that was a funny coincidence :D

    1. Thank you, lol, I have exams in a week's time so don't have much time at the moment but should be coming down more often in 2 weeks or so - might see you there lol



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