18 April 2012

New Paints: Review

With the new paints having come out I decided to see if they were any good and straight away ordered some of the textures, some of the ardcoat and medium, primer and some flesh coloured paints cos I really needed some.
At first as you can see it just looks like muck, but it gets better
My initial thoughts are that the lids on the NEW NEW paints (if that makes sense :/) are new (wow thats a lot of repetition) and they are good. They do have a seal that snaps firmly shut although it is more difficult to open a paint pot the first time around. The paints seem to dry a lot quicker than before which is both good and bad because when you're painting fine details (such as faces -_-) with small brushes it can get annoying. However they do work, and despite gw saying that no watering down is needed I would suggest at least a small dap in water rather than straight from the pot.

New lids do stay open - above is what I mean
The drybrushing paints I did not even bother ordering because just by looking at pictures I felt that gw was trying to sell me some crap in a pot (seriously it looks like dust?). I tried using a shade and it was a little different to the old washes and went more into the recesses rather than clinging to the model at my first opinion, but a second time over and all was well.
Here's what the textures look like: above fresh pot^^ below after first use. \/\/

The book on how to paint miniatures isn't particularly useful to be honest, as most bloggers out there will find they know most of the techniques in there and struggle to find something new, although some small technical parts were nice and to just see how new stuff works such as the textures, glazes, dry compound, etc... Although there is a lot of nice stuff to look at from a purely eye-candy perspective and the whole-army projects are very in-depth by gw standards.

work on face - pics wont be amazing since taken from phone camera

I found the texture paints a bit weird but I thoroughly recommend waiting for them to dry after applying and going in two thinner coats rather than one thick one. Also I don't think this was meant to be for watering down but when I didn't the bristles on my brush all got manked up so I'm not quite sure what to make of it. Below is my master of the ordinance with a bit of this stuff followed by a drybrush of codex grey and fortress grey (old paints). Overall I think painting a whole base will be very good with this new stuff and much faster but for patches maybe it might be better to go for sand like I did with the veterans.

Even though I'm not hugely impressed by the new paints, it's still a step forward (hopefully in the right direction) and will definitely help beginners. That's all for now...


  1. Nice review, It will be a while before I try the new paints as I bought up a load of the old ones before they disappeard

    1. Haha - unlike you (evidently) I was quite excited about the new stuff after seeing it in the white dwarf and so didn't stock up but fortunately when I go to Russia my independent stockist will almost definitely have some old paints and that's where I do most of my painting anyway

  2. How do you rate the texture paints? Worth getting for doing bases?

    1. I would say they are great if you are starting a new army or haven't based an older army then it's great for quickly getting a consistent look that when combined with other he materials can look quite cool with minimal effort. The only problem that there could be is ending up with everyone having almost the same basing scheme which might not work if you want something unique but judging from your character that would probably be fine



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