12 June 2011

Vote Please...

Just a quick one. In the flurry of activity that has recently been happening on this blog, I know you guys have been reading it (stat counter) but not many of you have voted. Not sure if you just haven't noticed but please do vote - I need the advice and to know.

Thanks - Nick, as usual thanks for commenting and I have taken pictures using a yellow template I just need to upload them, will probably do this evening.


  1. How about blue? Not sure if it would work.

  2. @Nick, yeah sure

    @Silar, interesting suggestion, I will try it (I even have a blue one, there was some blog that made a ton of them and I happened to download them all, may post them here) , although I am not sure about blue as I tried to bring it into the models but only the power sword and one or two small optical parts are actually blue on the models. We'll see how it works though :D

  3. Yoyo in da dojo!

    And who's Nick?



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