10 June 2011

TFP Competition Entry WIP: Space Hulk Termies

You will not believe this but I have a big surprise for you guys! But hey, I surprised myself with what I can do with a little time and some inspiration. More on how this came about below...

So, I have finished being busy with exams and now was sitting around being sad about not being able to do anything and then I had this great idea - paint the Space Hulk termies that have been sitting around! (sorry no batreps on that, takes too long when both writing stuff down AND trying to enjoy the game)

And here is my progress, I will probably do a Step by step tutorial after the competition closes to entries - no stealing my ideas thank you very much!

From the pictures you can see where I am now. As always click for a larger image - I'm using my new camera :D. All I need to do now is highlights, white colouring and more work on the gems and lenses, and also the base which will probably be a Cadian green bastion kind of colour, if you know what I mean.

Till the next update - I'm still working on them right NOW, just waiting for the washes to dry a bit more - yes I'm that impatient that I started adding to the gems before everything had fully dried...

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