7 June 2011

Sentinel WIP Part 2

Not a lot of progress, but there has been some nevertheless...

Actually I like how this comes together... This reminds me - I need to do a post discussing the pros and cons of base coating on and off the sprue!

I have pretty much finished the pilot, finished all the details with highlighting and washed some metal, with devlan mud and badab black. Now I am thinking about how to magnetise this thing (guns and scout/armoured).

Does anyone have any suggestions as to which one is better. I like the idea of the scout sentinel, because of move through cover and scout but what puts me off is the AV 10. I also don't know if it is worth getting another one or two, so any recommendations on that would be welcome too.

And with that said there's just 3 weeks till I can get properly started on my squad entries and get some games in against Ilya and don't forget the upcoming giveaway!

Till next time!

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