11 June 2011

Space Hulk Termies More progress

I have been doing more work on them and will continue this evening probably. I have finished highlighting the red, added the white (which I may wash) highlighted the grey and added to the gems.

What I still need to do, is finish the sergeant's face, highlight 2 dudes' red armour, highlight the metalics, work on the sergeant's gun (blue or purple perhaps?) and do the bases - and then I'll have my first entry for the Fallen Princes Painting Competition ready!

Another thing I need to decide is whether to use the green backdrop or the red backdrop in the final thing - the green one contrasts better and brings out the gems, while the red one emphasises the red and creates a battling kind of mood.

As always, click for a larger picture :D


  1. Starting to take shape now, I voted for the green background, although I would like to see a yellow version? Don't like the red one much.

  2. I'll see what I can do, although I don't have one I'll try to either make one or find one on the net - thanks



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