22 July 2010

Painting Sternguard Ultramarines

Since I recently painted my sternguard I decided that I would put up a tutorial of how I did it. After having assembled the models, I painted by following the next steps.

I started by undercoating the whole squad chaos black and then proceeded to paint all the armour plates mordian blue.

I then painted all the parts destined to be white dheneb stone, (i.e. shoulder pads, wings, scrolls, skulls, etc.) followed by a drybrush of skullwhite.

Then I painted all the armour plates ultramarines blue over the mordian blue, leaving the darker shade visible. All the recesses were washed Badab black.

The next step was to wash the wings on the armour with blue ink, and then give them a final drybrush of skull white. The parts which were going to be gold and strap on the gun were painted scorched brown. The metal gun parts were painted boltgun metal.

After that had dried, I painted the final skull white highlight on the wings, painted in the casing and strap on the boltgun merchrite red. I also made the lenses red. Penultimately I painted the Imperial eagle, shining gold as well as all the other gold parts.

Finally I painted in the gem on the wings on the shoulder pad and blended in a white dot added to the top. I washed all the gold parts with badab black and touched up on everything and made sure that there were no splodges of paint in the wrong places.

This left me with a decent model that only needed to have its base painted and given some flock. Pictures of the whole squad coming up.

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