18 August 2010

Kill team match 18/08/2010 - Space Marines vs Orks

Sorry about not posting for a long time, but here comes something. Paul and I decided to play a game of Kill team. We played on a roughly 3' by 4' field with a reasonable amount of terrain, apologies that most is unpainted.

Space Marine Kill team

Elites: Dreadnought with assault cannon and storm bolter (115pts)

Troops: Scout Squad of five with heavy bolter dude (85pts)

Total: 200pts

Ork Kill Team

Troops: 10 Boys with rokkit launcher (70 pts)
             10 gretchin with runtherd (40 pts)

Fast Attack: Wartrakk Squad of 2 both with red paint jobs and grot riggers (90 pts)

Space Marine Deployment
My plan with this army was to use the heavy bolter dude to pretty much kill anyone and everyone in order of priority and my dreadnought would hold up orks while the other scouts shot 'em down. Having found out Paul had an ork equipped with a rokkit launcher, I realised that he would be my first target. With this we began the game.


I deployed my men pretty close together but mainly in position. The heavy bolter marine was in position to shoot anyone moving through the open. Everyone else was ready to get into cover.

Ork Deployment
Paul deployed randomly in my opinion and due to his stupidly infantry heavy army.

Turn 1

I took the first turn moving everyone apart from heavy bolter dude forward towards the enemy. The heavy bolter shot killing the rokkit launcher weilding ork and the dreadnought destroyed a wartrakk. The rest got ready to make firing solutions next turn.

End of Turn 1 (sorry 'bout the blurriness)
The boys all moved forward as far as pos. The remaining wartrakk sped towards the scout claimed building and the runtherd and some gretchin moved scared back into a crater deep in the ork deployment zone.

The wartrukk shot the unfortunate heavy bolter man who was a key figure in my plan. NOOO!!! But I rolled a successful save. Some orks shot various scouts, often being unable to reach or not having line of sight and did not cause any damage at all. Two orks ran down the left flank finishing the ork turn.

Turn 2

End of Turn 2
The dreadnought moved on towards the orks on the left flank, eager to close with them in close combat. The heavy bolter did not penetrate the wartrakk. The dreadnought killed an ork. The scouts' shooting didn't cause any harm.

The gretchin on the left flank moved towards the dreadnought as did the nearby orks. The rest moved generally towards my scouts' positions. The wartrakk shot the heavy bolter scout but his armour proved its worth. The orks shooting was generally ineffective again, not inflicting any wounds. The close-by orks charged the dreadnought. The dreadnought killed an ork and a gretchin while the greenskins failed to do anything.

Turn 3

End of Turn 3
The scout sergeant got his butt out of the building and got ready to kill some greenskins. Everyone stayed still apart from that and fired, except the dreadnought locked in combat. The scouts failed miserably, while the dreadnought killed the two greenskins hindering it, but stupidly consolidated into difficult (and for it also dangerous terrain) and immobilised itself.

The orks moved in from the side streets to support the wartrakk stuck in my carefully laid crossfire while a shoota moved up the ork controlled manufactorum building. The wartrakk shot the heavy bolter guy but was saved, some orks ran and some shot but only killed one scout. In assault, the dreadnought and ork did not do anything to each other.

Turn 4

End of Turn 
Noone moved but all the scouts shot, killing two orks (JUST 3 MORE TO GO UNTIL LEADERSHIP TEST TIME!). The dreadnought killed the puny thing trying to bash with a knife and with one swing of its close combat arm brought it down.

Two of the orks, getting close now moved even closer and the orks cowering in the crater decided it was time to move out. The wartrakk targetted the heavy bolter guy but again the armour was reliable. Some orks shot but generally failing again. The one ork close to the sergeant charged, making a successful difficult terrain test killing the scout and consolidating towards the next scout.

Turn 5

End of Turn 5-ish
Nobody moved again (for various reasons). The scouts altogether killed one ork and so did the dreadnought. Forcing the orks to take a leadership test at the beggining of their turn.

The orks luckily passed and renewed the advance. The wartrakk revved its engines up again moving towards the heavy bolter dude while the one ork in the vicinity attacked the other scout in the area. Meanwhile the gretchin took cover from the murderous assault cannon of the dreadnought. The wartrakk finally killed the heavy bolter scout. The ork and scout murdered each other and that was it.

Turn 6

Turn 6 ish
I passed my leadership test and got ready to fire. This was gonna be close. The scout didn't penetrate the wartrakk. The dreadnought shot the last ork killing him and reducing the ork army's leadership to five.

The orks just passing their leadership test with a four. The wartrakk moved on, probably hoping to get a clear shot on the dreadnought's back armour but instead shot the last scout, killing him.

Turn 7

Having no models with leadership left on the field, I lost.
Da gretchin hiding in the corner

!!!Ork Victory!!!


After a relatively entertaining match (at least for me), I don't think I made any big mistakes but was in some cases unlucky. What this game shows overall is how a few normal space marines can definately hold their own against a mass of Orks.


  1. that was a sick report really liked it mate :D i think that the dred wouldnt have been immobilised though as even though it is a vechile its a walker aswell and they treat terrain the same as infantry do. fdminis

  2. Thanks, probably - good to know some of the older posts still get read!



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