6 July 2010

Result of Vote & More battles to come

The results of the vote were:

50% for Commander Farsight. Now, the Tau players among you will know that he is the only close combat option for tau, he has a good WS, Initiative, save and a special power sword to go with this. This may sound amazing but take into account the cost (170 pts) and also the other downside - you cannot take any allies or Ethereals and your Fast Attack and Heavy Support choices are limited. Yet you also count Crisis Battlesuit choices as a compulsory 1+. All in all it is evident why some of you voted for this HQ choice.

50% for a Shas'o or Shas'el. This is a flexible and easily personalised and customised choice as you have a range of weapon and equipment options.

And don't forget that since Paul and I are playing a tournament there will be more battles to come soon. Battle 2 - Force Supremacy, shall be an 7pt Capture and control mission with dawn of war deployment.

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