5 January 2014

Daemons Update

Hi guys, Paul speaking. Long time no see yo. Basically the latest thing I've been up to is getting these Vargeists to use as Daemon prince stand ins upon my brother's suggestion. I actually really like them, they're way more awesome and detailed than the normal dps.

Also I finally got a chance to play the flying circus at a recent tournament with be'lakor, fate and 2 dps alongside a bunch of plagues making up my 1500 points. Was a lot of fun but unfortunately I got a dickhead of an opponent in game 1 who attempted to claim that buildings in 40k can't be more than 3 storeys high and in the last game there was a crap table house rule that meant that psychic tests peril on any doubles which meant that all my dps effectively committed suicide.

I probably should really start posting on here more often or I'll get in all sorts of trouble...

I'm going to eat you, you foul creature

Ait boss

Also here's a video of game 2 from the tournament I mentioned.

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