8 January 2014

Dark Eldar vs Orks 1000 pts

From about 3 months ago now (early september was it??), but I'll do my best to reconstruct what happened.

Dark Eldar (something along the lines of):

Haemonculus with either a venom blade or a liquifier gun
3 trueborn, blasters, venom
3 wracks, venom
3 wracks, venom
3 wracks, venom
2 beastmasters, 5 khymerae (random terminators, kroot hounds), 2 razorwing flocks (th/ss termies)
6 reavers (testing them barebones)

Big mek with shokk attach gun (in bw with lootas)
Lots of bikers
Lootas in a battlewagon with lots of upgrades
10 gretchin

Baron starts with haemonculus and beasts to get a pain token. Ravager hides out of line of sight so as not to get blasted to bits turn 1 by the lootas. Venoms think they are keeping a safe distance from the bikers. Mission was big guns never tire with 4 objectives. One was in the bunker in my dz, one next to the ravager, one behind the skyshield and one in a small bunker deep in Paul's dz.

Paul has turn 1 and two venoms are brought down by the speedy bikers. In return I killa lot of bikes and do some minor damage to the battlewagon. Haemonculus moves back to join some wracks, beasts move forwards as fast as possible.

We start to try to thin out the bikes but they kill another venom. Beasts lose some of their number but explode the battlewagon and then kill the lootas and big mek, so they now have 3 pain tokens. Reavers get killed by the ork bikers.

Remains of the beastpack get the gretchin. End of turn 5 all Paul has left is wazdakka on two wounds and a single biker. For some reason they decide to climb onto the skullhammer. The biker is picked off by assorted pistols or something, while wazdakka manages to fail two cover saves from the ravager's lances, giving me a wipe. I also hold 2 objectives, have warlord and linebreaker. Paul has first blood. 8-1

One main thing that I took away from this game is that venoms really aren't that scary against anything that can get cover and are incredibly fragile. Really enjoyed using the beastpack.

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