7 January 2014

Ovesa star vs blood angels 1250

Another batrep from ages ago, I persuaded Paul to try out his Blood Angels since he was bored of Daemons at this point, meanwhile I wanted to see what Ovesa-star was like and to try out farsight enclaves, especially all the special riptide stuff.

The 1250 pts lists:

Riptide with ion accellerator and bling
Crisis suit with 2 marker drones
Crisis suit with 2 marker drones
Crisis suit with 2 marker drones (yes I know now I couldn't have done this)

Buff commander, can't remember what he had but I'm pretty sure it was just about everything that I could possibly put on him.
Kroot (outflank)
3 broadsides, someone may have had EWO or target lock
(Landing pad? - not sure if it was my fortification or just on the table)

Sternguard with combi-plas in a pod
Baal pred
Assault squad with meltagun
Assault squad with flamer
5 Sniper scouts with missile launcher
5 cc scouts (outflank)

Mission was Emperor's will with Hammer and anvil deployment. I think Paul had turn 1, drove up and did minimal damage to the star. Mephiston also jumped up. An assault squad was in deep strike and his scouts were hiding in a ruin near his objective. My objective was in my building bottom right.

Everyone jumps up and I'm off to a good start as I kill the baal. I also put a couple of wounds on mephiston.

Sternguard drop in and come in close so as not to get intercepted by the riptide. I still manage to kill a couple and they knock some wounds off which I scatter around the star.

We assault the blood angels with just farsight at first but corbulo tanks like a boss.

Commander splits off and joins broadsides but gets assaulted and killed by mephiston and a sanguinary priest that drops down with some assault marines. Broadsides lose combat are run down and flee as fail a couple of 2+ saves. Ovesa and farsight are fail-tastic and spend until turn 5-6 trying to kill corbulo and the remnants of the sternguard.

We eventually shoot down mephiston but that gives time for the assault squad to chew up some crisis suits.

Massive scout vs kroot fight occurs. Scouts then beat up my kroot who flee and are caught...

Game ends with my home objective contested but I don't have time to contest Paul's objective.

However I have first blood line breaker and slay the warlord, but since Paul has linebreaker he wins 4-3. Was a good game and shows Blood Angels can still win (probably due to my incompetence). This game marked the start of my opinion forming on riptides being kind of useless in many situations.

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