2 September 2013

Update: Dark Eldar bases, venoms and IG advisors update

Started paintwork on my bases and they are actually coming out pretty good. The one on the right is finished, and I was actually worried that it was too colourful, but when I put a venom on it I think it actually looks very nice! Apologies for the first blurry pic...

Also found a nice gold colour (finally), really didn't like the GW Metallics. Thanks to tale of painters (Stole it from their tutorial) it's vgc brassy brass if anyone's interested...

Also finished my two advisors... Just need to paint the bases at a later stage, but pretty good for a quick job I think. Tried to practice some blending on the astropath, but gave up after the first two layers/settled back into an undiluted line highlight.

Also I somehow managed to win the IDIC giveaway! Just can't decide what I want, but I have my eyes set on what looks like a trio of earthshaker battery stand-ins! 

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