20 January 2013

2012 - Year in Review and Looking ahead

A bit late for this, but another year has come and gone and while there's been a decrease in the number of blog posts, in my opinion the posts were more substantial. I almost managed getting a post a week, so for this year I'm aiming for about 54 blog posts.

Unfortunately it's my GCSE year so blogging time will be hard to get, not to mention hobby time, so having set the above aim, realistically I'm probably not going to have much content on here till march/april and then after that till the summer. If I do post, it may have to become filler content, but I'll try to keep things interesting. With the help of some of the people who are meant to be my co-authors... this year could become more productive for the blog as a whole.

Having said that I'm still going to set myself the following goals:

- Attend at least 3 tournaments this year (got a head start cos I've already been to one!)
- Build 1500 pts of Dark Eldar - hopefully this will be a nicely converted army. I've essentially now had 2 or 2 1/2 armies to practice so I want this to be up to a good standard. I've also persuaded myself that this will probably be my last army that I'm going to buy, despite the temptation of all the other good things out there now
- Paint 1000 points of Dark Eldar, this may be quite hard but then I might have time later this year
- Paint some of the terrain which still hasn't been painted
- Finish the game board with flock and skulls/any missed details - shouldn't be too hard
- Work on my SM/Tau army
- Learn how to play doubles better/attend a doubles tournament

Now, let's take a look at the goals from last year and how I did (I actually haven't looked at them for the whole year until now lol):

1. More batreps, than in 2011 - shouldn't be too hard to accomplish seeing as 6th ed. is coming out and we seem to be playing more and more games. I can't be bothered to count them, but I am pleased with the level of detail and the number that we have now. With the attended tournaments I expect that I did manage to succeed on this aim. :)

2. Complete painting an 1750pt list of my guardsmen - shouldn't be too hard to accomplish given that I already have a reasonable amount of the work done. Hmm... interesting. I think I can count this as a yes, because if I want to I can definitely field a bit over 1750 points, and in my last tournament list I only had 3 heavy weapons teams unpainted.

3. Finish at least 1 terrain project that I've started and just have lying around. (will probably work on the scratchbuilt generator - cos all I need to do is paint) Ooooh yes! Didn't know this was on here. Success!

4. Make some terrain - sufficiently vague and also there may be a little something coming up this year so may just be the inspiration to do something. I did actually make a little building that I you probably noticed in the batreps so that's a tick.

5. Paint at least one unit of Ultramarines to decent standard. Success. I've painted a small army now!

6. Build and magnetise the poor IG sentinel I have lying around from the battleforce. Hmm... this one I haven't done but it's on my mind. Will move this onto this year then.

So overall a pretty good year with 5/6 goals complete! 


  1. I think it was a pretty impressive year for the Blog, thanks for all the content and good luck with the GCSE's. Look forward to whatever you put up this year and good luck with painting the DE, Nick



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