13 January 2013

Tournament Report: Winter Assault

A week ago all three of the authors from this blog went to the 1250 point tournament winter assault. Sorry if it's not as detailed as my usual reports but I'm not sure that I can remember everything from back then.

I had managed to finish up my display board and my army and here's the list I brought:

Company Command Squad with 2x plasmagun and lascannon


Veteran Squad with 3x meltagun, chimera
Veteran Squad with 3x plasmagun, powersword, chimera
Platoon Command Squad with 3x grenade launcher
Infantry Squad with autocannon, commissar
Infantry Squad with autocannon

Bane Wolf

Leman Russ battle tank with lascannon and heavy bolters

Aegis with Quad Gun

As you can see there I had changed my list up significantly from my practice games. Before the event a lot of space marine and guard players had registered which had been one of the reasons for the change. One thing I really wasn't sure about was the bane wolf/hellhound vs a leman russ eradicator, but in the end decided to take the former because of the ap 3 ignores cover. I also decided that an executioner was too expensive and took a straight up battle tank.

In other news we managed to build and paint all of Paul's daemons in time with the help of some quickshade (hopefully he'll do a post about them in the near future ahem ahem...)

A good mix of armies were present most fully painted to some standard. Points would be awarded as usual 8 points for primary, 4 points secondary, and then a weird distributions of the remaining 8 points depending on the difference in points killed (like old vp difference).

I would have technically been best painted until this necron army showed up and got a painting score higher than one point than me. I was happy with my 14 out of 20 though (cheekily boosted up by 5 because of my display board).

Game 1

So the tournament begins and I draw a bad match-up for me - tau, with loads of forgeworld ignore cover battlesuits, 2 large squads of kroot. Some firewarriors and a squad of broadsides. We get hammer and anvil deployment and Purge the alien as our mission. We roll for night and get it. I think he goes first and straight off the bat kills my russ for first blood. Not much else happens turn 1 though

In retaliation I move straight up, using my insane luck to immobilise the plasma vets chimera on my own defence line and then proceed to gun down his warlord who had strayed too far forward. Slay the warlord to me.

Turn 2

Two forgeworld suits land and do some damage to the blob. Kroot squad outflanks on from the right. ON the Tau side, my bane wolf comes under heavy fire but is still alive

My turn and the chimera drives up, grilling the squad of firewarriors as it goes, netting an easy kill point. Vendetta and Marbo arrive and I mostly deal with the threat in my deployment zone leaving a suit with one wound.

Marbo drops a demo charge on some battlesuites hiding behind the building and one remains but flees.

Return fire sees my chimera and banewolf destroyed and aother kroot squad comes in on the left but I manage to eventually make it flee. Broadsides force my vendetta to evade and put it into locked velocity over the next few turns. Veterans out in the open are gunned down and smart missile systems take out marbo.

I do at least finish off the battlesuit at the back but when I get out and charge with my veterans at the remaining kroot squad I lose a lot to overwatch and then die in combat only taking down one or two kroot with me.

End result is 15-5 to the tau. Lost primary by a fair bit. Lost secondary only because he had linebreaker. Was close on vps so I managed to snag at least a few points. Lots of lessons learned and valuable experience gained on versing tau (just realised this is actually my first game against them - correction second). On the bright side this meant that I would be versing someone who had lost with a similar score to me.

Game 2 - vs Guard

This guard list was very similar to my usual one and I knew exactly what to do. It looked like this:

Company command Squad 4x plasmagun, chimera, hunter-killer

Platoon Command Squad 4x plasmagun, chimera, hunter-killer
2/3x infantry squad with autocannon and a commissar with an axe
Veteran Squad, harker, 3x meltagun, chimera with hunter-killer


LRBT with one heavy flamer

Mission was big guns never tire, deployment: diagonals. I won the roll and deploy first. Castling up more or less centrally. Objectives I place behind my defence line and behind a small piece of cover on the left flank. He put one in each ruin on his side. He decides to infiltrate his veterans, leaving them stranded on the other side from the rest of his army on the objective. The rest of his force cowers in the corner. Hoping to bombard me. I have reserved my plasma vets and hope to roll on from the left, right onto the objective. Vendetta is in reserve too. Warlord traits: I got for my opponent to re-roll reserves and he gets stealth ruins (-_-)...

He seizes the iniative and tries to take advantage of my main mistake - pointing my bane wolf's rear the wrong way. It isn't night but with a bit of luck I survive. He also lands a few nukes on my blob but with some cover and lucky dice we are still ok. In return, everything goes into harker's veterans, for some reason my opponent doesn't go to ground until there are 3 left, but then one manages to survive unfortunately and flees, not reaching the table edge. At this point I'm thinking that I've missed my chance to get a vital first blood.

Turn 2

With my chimera exposed, even less firepower goes into my bane wolf and I manage to survive with one hullpoint left. My blob is heavily depleted by now though.

Turn 2, marbo arrives and blows up the manticore that was harrassing me. Also at about this point his last veteran runs off the board and between them I get first blood. Marbo gets killed next turn but serves as a vital distraction as does my damaged bane wolf which speeds straight up to the blob's building.

When his Vendetta comes on he is first forced to evade by my quad gun and then knocked out of the sky by my vendetta. I run up to the objective on the right with my veterans and my pcs, claiming it. And then make a late game move with my plasmavets and kill his platoon command squad, both chimeras and most of his warlord which was planning to contest.

Unfortunately game ends there at turn 5 and I don't have time to completely wipe him out. Basically all he has is his blob, a half dead Russ, and half a chimera. Because of the retarded vp point system the game is 14-6 to me. Still a win's a win right?

Game 3 - And just as I'm having some luck I face daemons. Yes that's right... since I asked not play against Paul I had a 1 in 30 chance of facing this army, and guess what... in the most important match of the day I have to play them. By the way this is the army that we played in the last tournament on which Paul had based his daemons... so it was bound to be a painful experience.



Khorne Juggernauts
2x 6 flamers
2 squads of 4 screamers
2 squads of 5 plaguebearers

Mission: The emperor's will, deployment: diagonals.

It starts off well as I win the roll-off and give him first turn. I try a new tactic, deploying close to my board edge - theoretically hoping to give him more chance to mishap or have to drop far away. I also hold as much as pos. in reserve

He drops and I start to make mistakes. First I kill all the screamers but one, deciding not to finish him off. Then I don't target the plagues who are at this point nicely bunched up in the open. Suffice to say leman russ goes boom shortly after and almost everything else in the daemon army arrives from reserve.

It goes downhill from there...

I do manage to kill fatey due to some lucky leadership thing. But then I make a second big mistake. I had a back-up plan of going down the right flank with my 2 chimeras, drop marbo on his objective and with the help of my vendetta gun down the plagues and hopefully claim his objective.

I then, probably thinking it will serve as a distraction send my meltavets towards fatey and some flamers, do little to no damage and get killed in return. I do manage to gun it down the flank, however marbo gets intercepted by my own quad gun which the flamers are now firing and I kill a grand total of about one or 2 plagues. The daemons then manage to quickly redeploy and catch up to me, but with some cheeky flying off the board with my Vendetta, I manage to come back on turn 5 with it being my last unit remaining, pass 2 vital jink saves and not get wiped out 20-0 with my vendetta left on one hull point. 

Would have been 18-2 but then I remembered that he had not killed my defence line or quad gun and that tipped the vps just enough to lose 16-4.

Overall I ended the tournament 16th which wasn't bad (mostly due to my 14 point paint score which effectively gave me another win). Now I can't wait to get my dark eldar done.

As for the other authors of this blog Ilya came 27th out of 32 getting a minor win against chaos marines, a draw with very few points against orks, and a 20-0 loss against nids plus a whopping 0 for a painting score (which I shall now frequently tease him about).

Paul on the otherhand with a respectable 7 for painting and 2 wins in the first 2 rounds would have come first or second if he had won his last game. Alas, it was not to be as a tyranid army who had won 20-0 in both prior games, beat him 20-0 as well... So overall Paul finished 10th which is still good. (hopefully he'll tell you more about it himself)

As always, thanks for reading. Full results and armies, etc can be found in the link at the top.

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