11 January 2013

1250 pts Orks vs IG practice match

Happy New and Merry Christmas to everyone. I have a few posts in the works and this is the first one of this year. It's a batrep that was in preparation for Winter Assault (tournament report later).

Mission: Purge the Alien, Deployment: pitched battle (really ought to learn the deployment names by now!!!)

My list was (I changed it after this match for the tournament):

Primaris Psyker (who got some psychic shriek)

Veterans 3x meltagun, demolitions, chimera
Veterans 3x plasmagun, grenadiers, power sword, chimera
20 man blob 2 autocannons, commissar
Platoon command squad with 2x grenade launcher


Leman Russ Executioner
Leman Russ Eradicator

Aegis with Quad gun

The Orks:


20 boys with shootas and 2 big shootas, power klaw (Santa Klaws, no less), battlewagon with dethrolla
20 boys with sluggas and 2 big shootas, power klaw, battlewagon with dethrolla

3 bikers 
3 bikers
2 dakkajets (yes that's 4 fast attack he corrected this for the tournament)

Big gunz, with the standard option I think and a few grots

Can't remember warlord traits. Buildings were deployed as usual and we ended up with what you can see in the pictures.

Ilya got turn 1, and we got night. He moves everything forwards trying to hide his army.

Guard push forwards in return and almost get first blood, however one biker remains after the dust settles

Turn 2

Those two chimeras that I overextended with (lesson learned for the tournament), both get hammered and I give away first blood and 2 easy killpoints. The squads inside come under fire aswell.

My turn and I regroupand kill the bike squads.

Turn 3 and two dakkajets come in and add to the damage. Warboss and some boys get out and an assault happens in the centre no pics for some reason.

My turn and Vendetta comes on and I finish off both dakkajets. In the centre I destroy the warboss and his 20 man squad with shooting.

End game:

Leman Russ is killed by dakkajet in skimmer mode in the rear armour and the rest of the ork army hides trying to avoid the Vendetta's wrath, while it gets targetted by the big gunz.

Night comes back turn 5 and I manage to kill the lone biker for another kp.

Game ends T5 and we somehow manage to count up kp wrong thinking it was 6-6, making it a draw. in actual fact I have

Primary: Warboss, bike squad, bike squad, ork boys squad, dakkajet, dakkajet
and slay the warlord: giving me 7

to Ilya's: First blood, chimera, chimera, veterans, veterans, eradicator: 6

So a close win of 7-6 to the guard.


  1. Uhm, ork flyers can't hover ....

    Nice battle report, just discovered your blog, and I'm about to get into my guard again, because of you ^^

    1. Oh that's good news for me then ! ;) thanks, glad to be the source of at least a little inspiration :)



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