26 February 2013

My Chaos Daemons

So you've probably seen that I have a new army from battle and tournament reports. In this post I'll talk about some of my thoughts that went into my Chaos Daemon army.

I'll start off by sharing my list for 1500 points:


5x Plague Bearers with icon
5x Plague Bearers with icon
5x Plague Bearers

3x Flamers of Tzentch
3x Flamers of Tzentch
3x Flamers of Tzentch

Fast Attack
4x Screamers of Tzentch
4x Screamers of Tzentch

Heavy Support
Daemon Prince with Wings, MoT, Breath of Chaos, Daemonic Gaze, Soul Devourer, Master of Sorcery
Daemon Prince with Wings, MoT, Breath of Chaos, Daemonic Gaze, Soul Devourer, Master of Sorcery

I kept asking myself whether it was worth a whole, pocket-busting 333 points for just one character with only 3 wounds, toughness 5 etc... Well it certainly is! Imagine yourself facing just a rather ugly Plague Bearer with your Land Raider swarming with lascannons. You take three shots: all hit and wound. Your opponent saves one 5+. You start screaming with pleasure but then Fateweaver comes to the rescue, giving the Plague Bearer a re-roll. Your opponent saves that. Then you say that at least you killed one. But then your opponent says, "No, Mamma Mia. I still has ze feel no painz!" And he then saves that, laughing his head off!

Another positive of Fateweaver is that he is very versatile. Bolt of Tzentch against fliers and in the same turn you can turn Calgar into a spawn, or burn some gretchins into snotlings, perfect for your nurglings to finish off.

Flamers of Tzentch.
It's all in their name. Perfect anti anything. Killing a platoon in a turn or wiping out a  squad of terminators is easy as they receive no save and everyone is wounded on a 4+. Flamers also could be anti-tank as on a 4+ you glance.
A rule which I'm sure many forget (I have) is that they are jump infantry. They also have Warpfire for some longer ranged shooting (18") and 2 wounds each - useful for downing those pesky flyers or hitting some infantry when you scatter out of flaming range.

Screamers of Tzentch
Possibly the best anti-tank in the whole game, but also anti-terminator. S5 AP2 with 3/4 attacks each is amazing as they role 2D6 for armour penetration. Very fast and 2 wounds each.

Daemon Prince
For me this just a large, rather scary unit which attract so much attention that Fateweaver remains unnoticed. Good at everything, depending on his weaponry.

With the new Daemons coming out in a week, I think I might have to make a few changes.


  1. I have just started using Fateweaver and my thoughts echo yours; lot of points for a single model, but when those Daemons re-roll those saves it is pretty evil. I am interested to see how Fatweaver is in the rulebook.

  2. Me too-Hopefully he'll still be good...



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