21 December 2012

Ultramarines - Painting Update and new list

I've been working away on my ultramarines for my 1850 army list (yes I've played around with my 1750 one and decided this will work better) My main thinking is that 2 rhinos would have all the opposition's anti-tank going into them (at least until the stormtalons come on, so I swapped out for some drop-pods and got a flamer dreadnought for some more anti-infantry - which is what I'm worried about now)


Assault Terminators
Dreadnought with assault cannon + heavy flamer, drop pod with locator beacon

Tactical Squad with meltagun, multi-melta, combi-melta and power fist, drop pod
Tactical Squad Missile launcher, plasmagun

Stormtalon with typhoon missile launcher
Stormtalon with typhoon missile launcher

Thunderfire Cannon (drop pod)

Shas'el with Fusion blaster, flamer and target lock
2 bodyguards with plasma rifle, missile pod and multi-tracker

6 firewarriors, shas'ui with markerlight

2 Broadsides, with blacksun filters

Aegis defence line with quad gun

I've actually painted all the lights in the cockpit but haven't got a picture of that yet..
The only problem is that I've found out that I own one broadside less than I thought (as well as one stormtalon lol) and needed to buy a thunderfire, but when I went to my local shop they didn't have any of those except a stormtalon, so a bit of a fail. Oh and I need another drop pod but for now I can use Paul's blood angel one, and I think I may try and scratchbuild a dreadnought drop-pod.

The thunderfire is quite problematic as I haven't found any decent tutorials on how to make one and so I'll have to do some thinking. I have been painting quite a bit meanwhile, finishing another tactical squad, the terminators, a drop pod, a stormtalon and re-painting the old librarian model. All I need to do now is to finish off everyone's bases.

All I really need to do now really is strip my Tau which are awful and have too many layers of paint on them.


  1. Nice job on the Stormtalon, dude. Ice blue is great for highlights on ultramarine blue.



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