4 November 2012

1750pts Imperial Guard vs Battlewagon Orks - the Scouring

Apologies as pics somehow seem to be missing/not in the right order... Don't know why. Anyway, so it seems that we have now progressed to bed wars... Don't ask why! (lol) I used the same list as last time, which can be found here.

Ilya was running orks. 

A few bikers
2x 22 (yes I know they don't fit in a battlewagon but he was being very persausive and by the time Paul came and told me that transport cap is only 20 we were halfway through the game) boyz with rokkits in there as well as some klaws
21 orks with rokkits and a klaw or two
3 dedicated transport battlewagons
1 heavy support battlewagon 
(all proxied bar 1, have same gear)
2x dakkajet (stormraven stand and empty flying base)

Mission was scouring with the diagonal deployment (how do people mark this by the way??)

Terrain placement involved me setting up a nice defensive perimeter in one corner with the rest of the field being pretty open. I also managed to disrupt some of Ilya's side. However he got his revenge by placing some barricades in the bunker that was meant to be occupied by my blob, making things quite annoying simply in terms of placing models for me.

Objectives: Most were placed towards my side which was good for me. We unveil them and I get 4, 2 and 2, with a one in the small bunker nearby and a 3 in the centre. Ilya's hidden objective is a 3. Things look good for me :)

As I said pictures are missing but basically Ilya deploys first and goes first. Battlewagons bunch up in the middle and bikes zoom from behind them behind the small bunker and alunch an assault on my plasmavet's chimera. Gretchin stay behind on objective. Chimera dies, veterans spill out. Blob takes a few casualties. He has first blood

I retaliate and kill wazdakka and all the boys with some focussed fire and do some minor damage to 2 of the battlewagons (the ones with the boys). Here I'm hoping to get them down in the centre to stop any nasty charges from coming at me, while shooting a few blasts at them while they bunch up as they come out of their transports.

Turn 2

He then continues to push up, killing the executioner with a dethroller attack. A few guardsmen die in the blob and the trucks generally move forwards. Also combined rokkit launcher firepower destroys the vanquisher cannon.

My two vendettas arrive and I really start to do some damage to the battlewagons (it helps shooting back armour too. Boys spill out and I manage to rout one squad and kill many orks in another squad.
My backfield shifts around a bit too

Turn 3

One dakkajet (actually maybe 2) comes in and proves to be rather annoying. More shoointg goes into my blob...

The orks consolidate around the central objective and one vendetta goes down (I think I may have had it in skimmer mode or maybe just a lot of rokkit launcher hit it)

I don't know why but I don't have pics of my turn but I basically kill a few more orks and try to keep my warlord and troops alive. I think I kill a dakkajet at this point.

Turn 4 and the dakkajet kills the eradicator. Orks still haven't got out of the last battlewagon and the ork squad that was running is now off the board.

Vendetta streaks off the board in my turn (hoping for a skimmer mode objective grab). Orks in the centre reduced to three men. Command squads escape round the sides.

Turn 5 and Orks finally come out of their battlewagon. They shoot but at my ccs of which my company commander manages to live. Many buildings are are dethrollered as well causing guys inside to die.

A single flamer left from my pcs halves the approaching ork horde, helped by some missile launchers with frag shots. Vendetta comes on to objective. Orks in the centre are all dead.

Turn 6 happens and the orks charge the blob. I think I'm left with a commissar (who won his challenge) and maybe one guardsman who is then executed.

In my turn the combat ends - unfortunately for the commissar and the orks consolidate towards the objective.

Turn 7, my CCS is finished off, and orks claim the objective. in my deployment zone.

My turn and the missile launcher gets to the objective worth 4 points. Game ends.

I have the objective worth 4

He has one worth 2

One worth 3

So in total the greenskins have Slay the warlord, 5 objective points and linebreaker and first blood, for a total of 8

I have the 4 point objective and slay the warlord giving me 5.

So another win for Ilya and the Orks!

One thing I've realised is that although I've really enjoyed ALL my 6th ed games, I've only won one match out of 8 with my imperial guard... so I guess it's time for a slight rethink, because although my army is fun, it's really not a 6th ed army.

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