24 November 2012

1750 Orks vs Chaos Space Marines Proxy Madness

Mission: Emperor's will, Deployment: Diagonal 

Paul can't be bothered to do this batrep so from now on it'll be from me as far as I remember (Dimitry): 

Coach-wars continue as not all the orks fit onto the table so the reserve pile mounts up.

Ilya's list is several 30 man squads of orks each with a power klaw nob and three rokkit launchers. The terminators are nobs I think.

On Paul's side there's:


2x Hellbrute with multi-melta and powerfist

2x 5 man plague marine squad with 2x meltagun
2x 5 man plague marine squad with 2x plasmagun
Plague Zombies x16 (proxied as guardsmen)

2x Maulerfiend (flying stands)
Defiler (drop pod)

n.b. for this battle each paint counted as an ork.

Paul's recently renovated dreadnought strides into battle (as a hellbrute)

Game ends 5-1 to the Orks and it's another solid win for Ilya :) I think Paul's planning to change his Chaos ideas (he's planning to start collecting them) hopefully he'll post up the army list in the near future. As for Ilya I hope he doesn't use as many orks as this game took them 5/6 hours to complete - i.e. far too long... 

On a painting Paul's stormraven has seen some progress as well as Mephiston and the dreadnought, although unfortunately he doesn't like his Sanguinary guard anymore so my NMM labour of love won't  be seeing the table as often.

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