7 November 2012

Imperial Guard in 6th list change ideas

As you probably know if you read this blog, my IG haven't been doing very well despite some very interesting, close-fought games, resulting in a in a 6th ed w/d/l record of 1/3/5 so far, which quite frankly isn't very good. Especially if you compare it to my 5th ed record of 7/2/4.

My win/loss now therefore is 0.2 compared to the 1.75 in 5th, so I've been thinking about how to change this. As you may or may not know I follow Ailaros and he's been thinking about using conscripts in 6th and how they work. While I had considered this idea when first making my army in 5th ed, I can't really bring myself to make models that are basically recyclable cannon fodder. I do have 30 spare guardsmen lying around not yet assembled, but I think I'd much rather build veterans rather than conscripts. Not only are they more useful, but the conversion possibilities are lot better. My third option is something I've been thinking about for a while and that is adding a small outflanking blob with either meltaguns or flamers.

Now let's take a look at what's wrong with my army/what could be better. At 1500 points the problem is that I can't really change the list without taking out models that I've spent so long getting painted to a decent standard. In any case what I've found is that I don't think I have enough troops/am not using the ones I have correctly. For example I could split up my blob to give me more backfield options as I often find myself either pushing forwards with my veterans and leaving the backfield unsupported or using my veterans to react in my backfield and just keeping nearby objectives thus robbing me of most of my offensive capabilities.

The three options above all seem to be have potential to help with this. However here are some things that I think might be best:

- One or two veteran squads, harker and camo cloaks - basically gives a you a unit of terminators in cover provided you're not assaulted. To solve the assault problem? Add a heavy flamer or two and some flamers and anything that's about to charge you is going to have to think twice. This may be my preffered option as it leaves my offensive element to be able to move forwards. Only thing is that with this loadout I can't really hurt stuff at range so I might want to add in a heavy weapon or something. Another bonus with this is I can potentially infiltrate. Also might want to think about sniper rifles in there as an alternative.

- Al'rahem platoon. 2 squads with meltaguns or maybe flamers or maybe one of each? although I'd like to blob them up into a squad of 20 probably. Commissar optional but preferable. For the pcs I would say plasma or melta but really I think it might make them too much of a target. An interesting option would be grenade launchers but I'm hesitant about them as although in theory they're great, in practice they're sub par. Which probably means more flamers - can never have enough of them anyway.

- I could also take conscripts but to be honest they don't really add much and spending loads of points to get chenkov in an already points tight list just to be able to get the conscripts to work properly is probably not a good idea.

Overall, I think I'm likely to proxy the first and second option in a game or two and then build them. As I have 30 spare guardsmen lying around it should be no problem building one or the other or even BOTH if I get myself a command squad.

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